Who built Umlazi

It is situated 17km south west of central Durban. The Umlazi Reserve was established in 1862 by the Church of England to provide for a progressive rural life for “natives” in pursuit of pastoral and agricultural occupation.

Who built Umlazi

Who founded Umlazi

Legend has it that Umlazi comes from “umlaza”, the Zulu word for the sour acid produced from fermented or sour milk. It is believed that when King Shaka was passing through the area, he refused to drink from a local river claiming it had the taste of “umlaza”. The area was called Umlazi after this incident.

When was Umlazi built

In 1967 Umlazi was established as a Black township and was one of the places where many who were displaced from Cato Manor ended up. It housed African labourers, many of whom were needed to work in White-owned industries in the South Durban industrial area. The township would later become the largest in Durban.

What is Umlazi famous for

Umlazi is also a home to iconic people like Griffiths and Victoria Mxenge, trrrrr and others. Over the recent years it has also become a home of the South African creative industry, with the new generation of of visual artists, fashion designers, stylists, dancers, actors and musicians.

What type of settlement is Umlazi


Umlazi is a township in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, located south-west of Durban. It is the fourth largest township in South Africa, after Soweto, Tembisa and Katlehong.

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