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What is Umlazi well-known for?

Umlazi was established as a Black township in 1967, and it was one of the places where many people who had been displaced from Cato Manor ended up. It housed African laborers, many of whom were required to work in White-owned industries in South Durban. The township grew to become Durban’s largest.

Umlazi has how many sections?

There are 26 sections.
Umlazi is divided into 26 sections, A to Z, with the exceptions of I,O, and X, but with the addition of AA, BB, and CC.

Umlazi, how old are you?
Umlazi was officially opened to black residents in 1965 (the majority of whom had previously lived in Durban) and was granted town status in 1973. Umlazi was incorporated into the eThekwini Municipal Area in the early twenty-first century.

Is Umlazi formal or casual?
Umlazi is a formal township that includes the Umlazi Glebe area as well as portions of tribal authority areas west of the proclaimed township. The study area is located within the eThekwini Municipality.

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