What language do they speak in Umlazi?

What language do they speak in Umlazi?

Township language dynamics: isiZulu and isiTsotsi in Umlazi.

First languages (2011)
• Zulu91.4%
• Xhosa3.0%
• English2.3%

What is Umlazi famous for?

In 1967 Umlazi was established as a Black township and was one of the places where many who were displaced from Cato Manor ended up. It housed African labourers, many of whom were needed to work in White-owned industries in the South Durban industrial area. The township would later become the largest in Durban.

What language is spoken in KZN?

Zulu language

Zulu language, a Bantu language spoken by more than nine million people mainly in South Africa, especially in the Zululand area of KwaZulu/Natal province. The Zulu language is a member of the Southeastern, or Nguni, subgroup of the Bantu group of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family.

What does the name Umlazi mean?

According to legend, the name Umlazi comes from “umlaza”, the Zulu word for the sour acid produced from fermented or sour milk. It is believed that when King Shaka was passing through the area, he refused to drink from a local river claiming it had the taste of “umlaza”. The area was called Umlazi after this incident.

How old is Umlazi?

Umlazi was officially opened to black residents in 1965 (most of whom formerly resided in Durban) and acquired town status in 1973. In the early 21st century Umlazi became part of the eThekwini Municipal Area.

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