How many people live in Umlazi

Today, Umlazi (situated 17km southwest of Durban) has a population of about 400 000. Some estimates indicate a higher population figure – up to 1 million people. There are shack settlements surrounding Umlazi as well as backyard shacks in the township (Mahomed, 2002).

How many people live in Umlazi

What is the population of Umlazi 2021

about 400 000

Today, Umlazi (situated 17km southwest of Durban) has a population of about 400 000.

Is Umlazi a town

Umlazi was officially opened to black residents in 1965 (most of whom formerly resided in Durban) and acquired town status in 1973. In the early 21st century Umlazi became part of the eThekwini Municipal Area.

What is Umlazi famous for

Umlazi is also a home to iconic people like Griffiths and Victoria Mxenge, trrrrr and others. Over the recent years it has also become a home of the South African creative industry, with the new generation of of visual artists, fashion designers, stylists, dancers, actors and musicians.

How many sections are in Umlazi

26 sections

Umlazi is divided into 26 sections, A through to Z, with the exception of I,O and X, but with an addition of AA, BB, and CC. Legend has it that Umlazi comes from “umlaza”, the Zulu word for the sour acid produced from fermented or sour milk

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